Developers of the Arteria Project at SNP&SEQ interviewed by StackStorm


Developers of the Arteria Project at SNP&SEQ Technology Platform was recently interview by StackStorm for being innovative StackStorm Community Thought Leaders. StackStorm is an open-source automation platform that connects apps, services and workflows and has been used as a base within the Arteria project.

Handling sequencing data from massive parallel sequencing can be a daunting task. And while the process of handling sequencing data will share many of its characteristics across centers, the current norm is one center one solution. This creates a situation where reuse is difficult to achieve but which the Arteria project is hoped to remedies.

Arteria, developed at the SNP&SEQ Technology Plattform, provides components to automate analysis and data-management tasks at next-generation genomics sequencing centers. It has been an important component to improve the workflow and services at the SNP&SEQ Technology Platform by providing an event-driven automation system, which is both flexible and scalable.

Johan Dahlberg and Johan Hermansson were interviewed by StackStorm, together with representatives from companies like Netflix and Target, after demonstrating thought leadership by bringing StackStorm event driven automation into the scientific community, specifically in the area of genomic sequencing.

For more about the Arteria project, please visit the Arteria Project website or read the recently published paper in BioRxiv.

For more information about StackStorm and the Artaria case study, please visit the StackStorm website.

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