Extra IMV Seminar with Dr. Caroline Heckman, FIMM


NGI Uppsala - the SNP&SEQ Technology Platform would like to welcome you to an interesting extra IMV Seminar about precision treatment strategies and drug resistance.

Dr. Caroline Heckman, FIMM -  Precision treatment strategies for overcoming drug resistance in hematological malignancies

Date and time: Thursday, May 24 at 14:00
Place: Uppsala Biomedical Centre (BMC), Husargatan 3, lecture room C8:301
Host: Ann-Christine Syvänen
IMV Seminar poster.

About Dr. Caroline Heckman

Caroline Heckman received her Ph.D. degree from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and postdoctoral training at Stanford University, USA. Her research focus at Stanford was identifying the molecular mechanisms responsible for deregulated oncogene expression in B cell lymphomas. Dr. Heckman joined FIMM in 2010 where she established a group focused on understanding the mechanisms driving disease progression and drug resistance in hematological malignancies, as well as applying technologies for better translation of basic research results towards clinical implementation.

Read more about Caroline Heckman at the FIMM website (www.fimm.fi).

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